Secrets for long lasting wedding hairdo

You have spent hours getting ready in the wee hours of the morning to get your hair and make up done perfectly. The last thing you want is for strands to fall out, or your curls to look straight by the evening banquet. Read the following quick tips that are easily achievable for you to keep your hairdo long lasting.

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Don't try to alter your hair type 

If you have straight hair, don't expect voluminous wavy/curly hair to stay the entire day no matter how much hair products you are going to spray on. Likewise, those with curly hair my find their slick-back hairdo becoming messy by mid day. It's best to work with what you've got to enhance your already beautiful face.


Don't wash your hair before the big day

That's right.. the best excuse not to wash your hair. Most hair stylists will give you this advice, instead of coming with fresh soft hair. "Dirty" hair is known to hold a hairdo longer than freshly washed hair. It will be much easier for your hair dresser to achieve the desired look because of the added texture of your "Day 2 hair".


Test you hairstyle with the veil 

The veil might shirt your hairdo, and your stylist will need to know how it shifts, so she can adjust accordingly. If the veil is causing some discomfort, let your stylist know and she will be able to work her magic to create "cushions" to ease any pain you may feel.

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Start Tight 

If you want loose curls during the evening and night, make sure you start with tight curls at the start of the day. Starting with loose curls is not a good idea as it will become too straight by the evening banquet. Don't worry, your hair will naturally relax and you'll have beautiful loose curls by evening.

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Add accessories 

Adding cute accessories or even floral headbands will keep some of the loose hair away. However if you know these accessories are heavy, add it only at the last minute so it does not weight your hairdo down for too long.

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Hair Spray

Nobody can escape spraying their wedding hairdo non-stop to keep it up the entire day. The trick is to get a travel size hair spray and appoint your bridesmaid to carry it and help you to spray down those loose strands throughout the day. She can also carry spare bobby pins just in case.


Lastly, don't touch your hair! I know it's tough not to feel around to check if the shape is still in tact. But don't do that! You do not want to change the shape or accidentally pull out a few strands.

Have fun with it, and do not be constrained by typical hairdo that you see. If you do not like your hair tied up in a bun, then don't! It's your big day and you can choose whichever hair style will make you feel better. 🙂

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